Oops... 2011 Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand. What are the tasting notes for this wine?

Zingy Sauvignon Blanc hits the spot! Bright, zippy, tangy, and refreshing, it possesses all the qualities we expect from a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc! The jubilant aromas include lime pith, fresh-cut grass, and grapefruit.

SO - I got the grass. But missed the lime & grapefruit. I thought it was stone fruit (like peaches or apricot). Mental note to self....

Peter at Pour told me there were some "gooseberries" notes that are typical of Sauv Blanc as well.

Sadly, I have NO CLUE what a gooseberry tastes like.

Maybe I need to just drink some more Sauv blanc from New Zealand.

*Now in my defense, the other day I had a Pinot Grgio that had some green notes too (and maybe was a bit bitter).

Is that normal for Pinot grigio? Help me out in the comments!!