Answer: Wine 31

I never gave you my guess for Wine 31.

We've already established that I think it is something from Italy - basically just because my gut tells me so.

But this wine is pretty middle of the road - as far as structure goes - and has mostly plummy fruits, a little bit of fresh red berries, even some blackberry, but definitely more "purple" in flavor. Its a little bitter, and does have some elevated tannin. No oak aging that I can tell, and it feels like a cool/moderate climate. A lot of earth. so I'm going Old World. 

SO, my guess...

Blind Tasting: Wine #31

Though it has been a few months since my last Blind Wine update on this blog, I've been putting in some work behind the scenes. Certainly no shortage of material.

Just a shortage of time. 

So, who wants a little brain-teaser? 

ANSWER: Wine #30

OH! I have a BLOG!?! 


Taking a hot minute to reveal the answer to WINE 30 (SPOILER ALERT: take a peek HERE before reading on!)

The reason for SUPER long hiatus: life. 

But really, between grad school and other stuff, I've been studying for the Wine & Spirits Education Trust Level 2 with the International Wine Center in NYC (passed, so now according to some peeps in London, I officially know something). I'm now going down into the Advanced (Level 3) rabbit hole... So we'll see if I can ever do this whole "blogging" thing on a regular basis. Good news: I've still been blind tasting and doing pretty well here and there. I've been keeping a record, so one of these days I need to enter them all into a spreadsheet and tally it up. There is a blind tasting for the Advanced exam, so I'm a bit nervous (besides the fact I need to memorize 250 pages of wine stuff...).

SO. What was WINE #30?

Blind Tastings: Wine #30

Of course we had to start off my birthday festivities at Corkbuzz with Blind Tasting Happy Hour. I tried to taste before friends started showing up (since I wanted to concentrate)... I'm going to blame my failures on being distracted. Totally acceptable excuse, right?

ANSWER: Wine #29

Oops. Had a little too much fun this past weekend. BIrthday festivities were pretty amazing. Full of good food, delicious wines, and amazing friends.

But I digress. What was in my glass?

See HERE for the original post and to go over my notes.

ANSWERS: Wines #25-28

WHEW. Started writing this all up over a month ago, and THEN...

Graduate school/everything else took over.

Excuses, excuses. I know...

I really wanted to make it a good post and go into some serious detail. I think the concept of "terroir" (see below)* is a facintaing one... Basically, how one can taste the "somewhereness"* of a wine.

(You know, in my defense, delayed feedback can be good for memory....)

Anyway, my perfectionist-tendencies kept me from returning to edit the post.  I felt as though I needed to devote a long writing session to get all the details in that I wanted to include.

BUT, HEY. I could ALWAYS get more in-depth, so my cursory overview of the grape variety at hand will simply have to do...

For now, taking a break from manuscript writing (for a paper that is about learning by making mistakes) to answer a very important question:

What are Wines 25-28?

Blind Tastings: Wines #25 - 28

A few months back, I was issued a challenge.

My father in law didn't believe that I could tell where different Pinot Noirs were from...

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.  (This just so happened to be super-bowl Sunday... what better way to prep for the big game than with a little Pinot Noir tasting?)

Blind Tasting: Wine #24

QUICKIE POST! Running off to work a private party event at the wine bar, but I wanted to throw up at least one blind tasting this week. Again, most of these are from a while ago, and I've since gotten much better at taking notes, but this is what I have down from a tasting at POUR wines (Upper West Side of NYC). 

  • Spicy, Meat, Ripe berries, Blue, Purple, Med tannin, Med acid, Baked fruits

What comes to mind?

Blind Tasting: Wine #23

Back in January...(wow, it is basically mid-March now...) I tasted this wine in a line-up of a whole bunch of other red wines... I got the first one correct. But not the other three. They were ALL THE SAME "TYPE" of WINE. And I just convinced myself that the others could not be the same as the first. 

I selected to write about this one though, since it currently for sale up on VINPORT.com

Though others at the tasting were blind-tasting the wines based on preference (I was too actually.... and this was one of my favorites), I was also trying to guess what it was! I was pretty far off-the-mark... but I must say, I learned a whole lot by getting this SO wrong.