metawine [beyond wine] connections to psychology, memory and more.

I was lucky enough to land a research job directly out of college in one of my favorite subjects: Memory

I worked for four years as a research assistant, coordinator and lab manager. Then I went to graduate school, got my Master's, and now I'm still working on research.

I was so incredibly lucky to get a job studying memory, since it really was one of my favorite classes in Undergrad (well, Italian and Painting were highly ranked as well). To be honest, I did not mind studying for my Memory exams. {{huge nerd}}

I was SO excited to learn about learning.

Now, I have that same feeling about wine.

This part of the blog will be more about connections between wine and the various other domains it touches upon (and perhaps, some ramblings here and there).

At first, I'll try to discuss some of the tricks I've gleaned from years of memory & learning research to help learning of such a broad topic.

memory tip #1:

test yourself.

Even if you answer incorrectly, if you get feedback on what the correct answer should be, testing seems to help memory.

Thus, why I'm blind tasting as much as possible.

The more I test myself, hopefully, the more I'll learn.