Blind Tasting: Wine #31

Though it has been a few months since my last Blind Wine update on this blog, I've been putting in some work behind the scenes. Certainly no shortage of material.

Just a shortage of time. 


So, who wants a little brain-teaser? 


clear (not hazy), medium ruby, with some blue/purple hints, and the rim was slightly pink. 

medium viscosity, no real legs of note.


Clean (so, not "faulty"), Medium Intensity, and whoa. Smelled Italian. Seriously. That was my first note. I had just gotten home from VinItaly, so I had just tasted a ton of Italian wines. This wine had that Italian bitter green smell, perhaps tomato leaf, and it was a bit rustic. I know you're supposed to talk about fruit and other qualities first, but it jumped out of the glass.

Otherwise, the wine had some "damson plum" or what I would imagine this to be... Ripe fruits, not jammy or dried. Red and purple plums. Some pomegranate and maybe a little raspberry, but it was more on the purple end of the fruit spectrum

Lots of herbs.  Rosemary. And some wet leaves. Earth, like wet clay mixed with sand. 

Again, that Italian rusticity.

Oak? Eh, not really. Maybe a little pepper or spice, but no real signs of new oak (vanilla, or mocha)


Confirming the nose! Maybe a bit more herbal bitterness on palate ~ like tea leaf bitter. 

Structure: DRY (no residual sugar). Medium body, Medium Alcohol, Medium-ish Acid* (maybe M+), Medium + Finish (was tasting for quite a while). Medium + Tannin, but not jagged or rough. Dried my mouth out, but in a nice, gentle way... So not too much oak tannin. I'm thinking grape tannins, maybe softened by a few years of age?

All in all, a well balanced wine.  Lovely. Would say "Very Good" quality.


Anyone want to take a stab at it?

I'll post the answer later this week!