Blind Tastings: Wine #30

Of course we had to start off my birthday festivities at Corkbuzz with Blind Tasting Happy Hour. I tried to taste before friends started showing up (since I wanted to concentrate)... I'm going to blame my failures on being distracted. Totally acceptable excuse, right?


Anyway, for now, here is just one of the wines we tasted:

Clear, straw in color, with a bit of gold. Swirling in the glass, it seemed to have a decent amount of viscosity, meaning it probably was high in alcohol, had residual sugar, or extended oak and/or lees aging. 

I took a sniff... PRONOUNCED. This was an IN YOUR FACE kidna wine. Lots of floral elements and oak in the form of Sweet vanilla. Then came the fruits: orchard fruit (apples) and tangerine, other citrus like meyer lemon. Maybe something tropical was coming through... One typical note I missed was apricot. Missing that element led me down the wrong path, I think... 

When I tasted the wine, it definitely had a creamy mouthfeel (body med+), maybe med/med+ alcohol, and I have med/med+ acidity written down, though in hindsight, this wine is not typically known to have high acidity... But what I was sipping was still crisp, not flabby despite all the floral elements. I was also getting some herbal notes coming through that I didn't get as much on the nose.

Are you stumped? I was, but I hope moving forward I won't miss this one again...

So, what do YOU think it is? Take a guess (or two)!