ANSWER: Wine #29

Oops. Had a little too much fun this past weekend. BIrthday festivities were pretty amazing. Full of good food, delicious wines, and amazing friends.

But I digress. What was in my glass?

See HERE for the original post and to go over my notes.

My guess: I was leaning toward an Argentinean Malbec, but only because I didn't know what else it could be. Something didn't feel quite right. I thought it was a few years old, around 2009.

And guess what? I was wrong.

Well, let me rephrase: I was correct about feeling incorrect. Not a Malbec.

I then started naming other things that ran though my mind...

  • Not a Carmenere (a grape used in Bordeaux that is not becoming popular in Chile)...Not red fruited enough? 
  • Probably not a Petit Verdot (also allowed in the Bordeaux Blend)... Not deep/dark enough in color or flavor, and not very tannic?
  • Maybe a lighter style Zinfandel? They typically don't have very high tannins, so maybe?
  • Not a Shiraz... Again not deep enough for Shiraz Style, but maybe Syrah from California? (Syrah is the same grape as Shiraz, just different wine making styles!)
  • Maybe it was a blend?!

I'll give you a hint... I called it above. 




Hmm... So straight from WIKIPEDIA: 

"Petit Verdot is a variety of red wine grape, principally used in classic Bordeaux blends.[1] It ripens much later than the other varieties in Bordeaux, often too late, so it fell out of favour in its home region. When it does ripen, it is added in small amounts to add tannin, colour and flavour to the blend. It has attracted attention among winemakers in the New World, where it ripens more reliably and has been made into single varietal wine. It is also useful in 'stiffening' the mid palate of Cabernet Sauvignon blends." One thing to note is that the "PETIT" refers to the size of the berries... not the flavor.

And over at Wine Enthusiast, they think this variety could be the next "Malbec"...

So, where did I go wrong?

My tasting notes are not totally off at least: "This Petit Verdot has a delicate aroma and full body. Notes of berries, ripe fruits, and dark flowers are supported by fine yet powerful tannins. 12 months in French oak adds power and depth to this bold wine."

Also, this is from Western Australia, where it can be a little colder. Maybe why this wine was a little lighter than I would have expected. See the winery details if you're interested! And one thing I love about, is that they tell you a little about the wine, what to eat with it, some details about the winery and even show you a map. So much more helpful (I think) than most online wine sites.

For example, I totally could see drinking this wine with some gamey meat, like Venison. That said, since BBQ season is around  the corner, I actually think this would be awesome with a burger. Maybe a lamb burger? Or Bison? You know, if you want to get all fancy with your burger.

Either way, I like this wine. Excited to see Petit Verdot breaking free from the shadow of Cabernet and Merlot (they are always stealing the show).

And of course, I'm still mad at myself that I listed it as a possibility, but didn't make it my final answer...


(Like Homer Simpson, get it? Ha. Couldn't help myself)