Blind Tastings: Wine #29

SO. I have a big birthday coming up, and I figured I should write up another post before it rolls around... Actually, the number of this post is quite apropos. 


Well, what can help me get over the despair of entering into a new decade of my life?



(Nothing like a little deductive puzzle (that involves drinking wine) to distract you from how utterly-clueless you are about life in general)...


This wine was ruby, with some deep purple, and though it was transparent around the rim (so I thought it was maybe a few years old... a 2008?) I could barely see through the paper to the words below. This was a good clue: I knew I was not dealing with a thin-skinned grape like Pinot Noir. Nope. No, sir-ee-bob.

After a swirl, I noticed LOTS of those drips down the side of the glass called LEGS.

And, No, they don't mean how "GOOD" a wine is! (A common misunderstanding.)

It is a way to tell the viscosity of wine, which basically tells you if the grapes got really ripe. (There are other things that could affect this, but we'll keep it simple for now). Anyway, if you see a lot of them form slowly... you can be pretty confident that your wine is either really boozy or has some sugar in it...

I took a sniff. Yup. BOOZE.

Otherwise, lots of berries... ripe berries. Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry. And plums... Red Plum. Black plum.

Dirty. Earthy. Wet forrest floor. Definitely something funky... not like a barnyard smell I normally get in Spanish wines, and not meaty or gamey like from the Rhone in France. Just, maybe a little dusty? There was some minerality to this wine...

I also got a hit of sweet spice, which made me think it had seen some time in a barrel.

On the palate, it was more tart than I had expected. Some tart cranberries came through, but also some darker, purple fruits, like cassis (which I still haven't tasted on its own... Im just guessing at this point based on what I've been told it tastes like in other wine's I've tasted...). Maybe even some prune was going on...


  • med+ to high alcholol (it WAS BOOZY. I could feel the Buuuurrrrn)
  • med, maybe med + tannin. They were there, but not super mouth-drying... powdery, I'd say?
  • med + acid
  • med, med+ body

NOW. I'M GOING TO CHANGE THINGS UP A BIT. Just to keep you on your toes, you know?

Instead of me giving my guesses, I'll give you a couple of days to chime in...

What do you think this wine is?

Old world/New World? Climate? Age? Possible Grape Varieties? 

Take a guess in the comments below!

I'll post the correct answer on my actual birthday, as a grand-farewell to the last decade...