WINEFOLLY is awesome. I envy Madeline's wine knowledge, graphic abilities, and the overall great content that she consistently produces...

She has a fun, entertaining site dedicated to wine-education. Go check it out.

Recently, she asked for some wine-geek-isms based on her original poster, and of course, as a huge nerd, I had to submit a few. Amazingly, a couple of them look like they made their way to her poster (below)!

My contributions?

  • Of course I mentioned the "making tasting notes for even the most mundane of beverages" (though I think my original proposal involved Orange Juice...) :)
  • "It's not the size-of-the-Corkscrew that matters..."

Anyway, check it out, and enjoy! THANKS, WINEFOLLY!

Source:  Wine Folly

Source: Wine Folly