On a personal note...

Whoa. Life is a funny thing, huh?  Lots of things happening. I need to write a lot up, but in the mean-time, for the few people who read this silly thing from time-to-time, I feel as though I should explain my lack of recent postings.

First major thing: I have no service experience really, but I somehow managed to trick a wine bar into letting me be an assistant server a night or two a week. Actually, the past couple of weeks have been a bit busier than they will be in the future, which is good for my sanity's sake (not sure how so many wine pros do restaurants, retail, blog, etc. and still function). Despite my body being more sore than it has ever been and feeling like a chicken without a head most days, my experience in the last couple of weeks has been awesome. One highlight: I recommended a wine to an amazing NYC Chef who makes my favorite pasta dish of all time. Really - this pasta would be part of my "last meal."... Anyway, based on what he told me he liked, I recommended a Portuguese red wine... and then he got two (maybe three?) more glasses of it.

You could interpret his re-ordering in one of two ways:

  1. He honestly enjoyed it, and when I asked if he wanted to try something else, he was sincere when he told me he liked it so he'd stick with it.
  2. He just didn't care enough/got too tipsy to look at the list again.

I'm going to pretend it is option #1. I mean, how could a fisherman not enjoy a Portuguese wine?


So, the whole reason I ended up with this side-gig is that I joined a blind-tasting group with some amazingly talented wine-professionals. One of the group members passed my info along, and away things went. Crazy. Anyway, the best way to learn is to learn from the best, and we certainly have a good crew. I hope to eventually post about some of those wines as well (though for some reason, I feel as though I get more wrong with them than when I do them on my own... thoughts for another day...)

Additionally, I couldn't make it to all the tastings that have been going on in NYC (there have been a lot), but I did attend a seminar on Croatian Wines (which I've discovered I LOVE), a Portuguese tasting looking for US representation (which I already knew I'd love), and an intensive study of SYRAH, which was AWESOME.


And of course, don't you worry. I've been blind-tasting on the side as much as possible. So I've got several of those to write up, too.

Posts to get excited about this and next week: Get ready for some epic blind-tasting failures, with one or two little victories, a few cool/interesting wines from a seminar, a blind tasting of 4 Pinot Noir (all about location), and maybe a table-wine-blending experiment that made undrinkable Merlot, pretty enjoyable.

Oh yeah. And Happy St. Patrick's Day! CHEERS!

Blind Tasting Line Up. All white wines. Brutal? You bet.

Blind Tasting Line Up. All white wines. Brutal? You bet.