Pumped for SOMM Documentary

Congratulations to Jason Wise and all those who worked on SOMM, a documentary about four people who are studying for the Master Sommelier Exam.

Samuel Goldwyn Films acquired the North American rights, and will be released this summer.

Cannot wait. Just wanted to share my excitement! Check out the trailer below:

Here in NY, there hasn't been a screening (to my knowledge), but I've followed some of the reviews (huffpost | decanter | winespectator).

Did I mention that I am super excited?

This is something I could only dream about... As i'm in the beginning stages of learning about wine, it is completely overwhelming at times to think about everything that I DON'T know... To see people with so much knowledge and experience with wine struggle like this... OOF. Makes my little blind-tasting exercise seem silly. Perhaps even futile. I'll NEVER be that good. EVER.

But hey, I'm having fun. And, I enjoy learning. So far, I feel as though I've come a LONG way from where I was less than a year ago...

So, for now, I'll just continue to be amazed by the skills and knowledge of many... even those with or without the MS, MW, CSW, WSET. etc. There are so many talented people who do not have letters after their name from whom I can learn.

And trust me: I'm amazed by their skills and knowledge, too.

All I can do is read more, listen more, and drink more.

So, tonight, I'll take another sip, another guess, and luckily, not have to worry about an exam.


Check out SOMM's facebook page for more updates!