GUEST Blind Tasting: Wine #16

** Guest blog post! **

Tonight the tables were finally turned and the blind taster became the blind tastee!

I (“The Husband” as I seem to be generally referred to in this blog) was pleasantly surprised when Barbie came home with a bottle of wine in a brown paper bag… just for me! It went straight into the refrigerator and I knew some white wine was in my future.

Like Barbie, I am no where near a professional taster. I dabble at the blind tastings around New York City, but mainly I just enjoy learning about new wines. As such, I do more tasting than most people, but my highest possible moniker would be “aspiring aficionado”.

So here we go….

My approach is very similar to Barbie’s (as we are learning from the same people):


Appears to be medium body when I swirl and the color is light straw.

Nose: tropical fruits (melons, banana) and lots of minerals/stone.

The first thing I notice when I taste the wine is the heavy feel in the mouth. Definitely medium to medium+ body.

The second thing I notice is residual sugar? I am not particularly good at picking out residual sugar in wine, but if you can detect it, it is immensely helpful in narrowing down the realm of possibilities. Most wines are made as dry wines, so when there is residual sugar (and it is not a dessert wine), you can automatically narrow the wine down to a few grapes and regions.

I have narrowed it down to Chenin Blanc, Riesling, maybe Pinot Gris or Gewurztraminer (grapes that can sometimes be found with RS). I take another sniff and I get the faint smell of petrol (a telltale sign for Riesling).

The last piece of the puzzle for me is the incredibly high acidity (mouth is still watering while I type up this post).

Riesling with some RS and really really high acidity – Germany or Alsace. I still lack the sophistication necessary to distinguish between the two, but if I have to put in a single guess, it would be Alsace (mainly because I have had more experience with them and this seems familiar…)

So you think I answered correctly? How'd I do? What do you think?

Put in your guess below:


Answer to be posted on MONDAY!