Blind Tasting: Wine #20

Still chugging along the wines from Valentine's Day Blind Tasting-A-Thon.

Onto the third blind wine of the evening. I thought I could tell just from the smell of the wine, but that has gotten me into some trouble before.

Still, THIS one made me think of California...


Looks like I forgot to circle some things (we wanted to get through them all so we could enjoy dinner). Here is the quick breakdown of the key notes:

  • Clear, yellow. Not quite straw, not quite golden. Just in the middle. Med, Med+ Viscosity.
  • Pretty intense/fragrant on nose. Got a lot of fruit... basically a little of everything, and definite oak. I don't know why I always say "floral" , but it was more just fragrant, vanilla, some butter, like it had spent some time in new oak.

It still had some crisp acidity, so I think this is a New World wine, from Napa, California. And it is a young wine, but a cooler year... I'm thinking 2011. 

How did I do? Are you thinking something different? Let me know in the comments!