Blind Tasting: Wine #19

The second wine we tasted on our Marathon of Blind-Wines...

Wine #19...


Quick Recap:

  • Clear, golden yellow. No rim variation.
  • Citrus, apples, some herbs, spice, something sweet? Used oak. I also maybe got something floral.
  • Again, bright citrus fruit. Medium body, Med+ Acidity, Med Alc.
  • Seemed old world, but something about it reminded me of a wine I tried while we were out in Napa, California recently... Something was bringing me back there...

With the high acid, citrus, and apples, golden color, I now know what I should have picked. It is SO clear to me...that it is just driving me crazy. I normally don't say if I am right or wrong until after I give the correct answer, but now it is so glaringly obvious where/why I went astray.

Hindsight is always 20/20, as they say.

In my defense, I've only had this type of wine one other time before, but I should have been able to get there using "theory" and what I know.

What did I end up selecting?

Fumé Blanc: a SAUV BLANC from Cali that sees time in OAK. It was high acid and just reminded me of something I had in Napa, but totally wrong. I was also thinking Chenin Blanc though... (and that is what The Husband decided upon...)

What would YOU say? Take a guess!