Blind Tasting: Wine #18


So, the other day was Valentines Day...

And I managed to taste a grand total of 13 Wines!

It began with at FranklyWines: 2 Rieslings (dry!) and 2 Champagnes from Bonhomie Wine Imports, poured by Robbin, who was just as lovely as the wines.

Then, we headed to Corkbuzz for the blind tasting flights, dinner and a bottle of Champagne ( half off all night! But any night after 10pm champagne is half off! So amazing bc otherwise we'd never be able to get this out at a restaurant! )

So, because we go to this bar almost every chance we get, in addition to the three whites and three reds we blind tasted, they brought out an additional red and white for us to taste.



So, how'd we do? Over the next few days ill post about each of these wines.

Wine #18


In Summary:

  • pale, light straw in color, just a tinge of green, clear. 
  • some tropical fruit, peaches, citrus, minerals ~ something else interesting going on that I can;t quite put my finger on... something a little green maybe?
  • crisp! bright - med+ acid, makes me want to drink more.
  • a little high in alcohol, so I'm thinking new world maybe?

All this lead me to Sauvignon Blanc. I was thinking it was a very light one, but bc of the tropical notes, I was thinking New World, maybe somewhere cool-ish in NZ?

*Now, one tasting note I have underlined, but didn't pay much attention to, was the briney character of this wine... I'm normally pretty good at picking out salinity, but again - I think this was a classic case of "bias"... On the nose I got one thing... I made a preliminary guess, and then tasted, and guessed according to what I was expecting it to be. 

SO - what do YOU think it is?

Take a guess in the comments. I'll post answers later this week for this wine and a few others...