LOVE is BLIND [tasting]

We ALL know that saying, "Love is Blind..."

You love who you love, and you just can't help it. End of story. 

And it is true.

I cannot believe it wil be 10 yrs in March (ew. I'm old.) since the Husband and I started "dating"...


We are an unlikely couple... given that I am a TAR HEEL and he is a DOOKIE (aka Dukie). On the evening right before the most "romantic" night of the year, he and I are ENEMIES. No texting. No calls. Last year when Carolina lost, I was so distraught that I didn't even want to come home. We have a "house-divided" rug. We once got in an epic-battle-post Duke loss where blue-frosted brownies ended up everywhere (we found some icing on the walls when we moved out months later - ewww). We even mentioned the rivalry in our wedding vows. We're THAT serious, as is the case for most Carolina & Duke fans...

Yet, nearly 10 years later, here we are. Sooo, for one night in February, and basically all of March we are semi-estranged, but otherwise, he really is my BFF (as he drunkenly proclaimed to my sister one night in Undergrad...)

The whole reason for this sappy-weird-internet-love letter, written in the final hours before we become mortal enemies (my lovey-dovey sentiments will surely change quite shortly... I'm already head-to-toe in CAROLINA BLUE - GO HEELS).... What was I saying?

Oh right. The whole point of this weird post is to say THANK YOU to the Husband.  Not only is he the reason I fell in love with wine, but he helps me to learn more everyday. Even when he is wined out (yes, it is possible), he'll go with me to taste more, or dig up a bottle for me to blind-taste. Of course, I still can't understand why someone so awesome would marry me. Even before this whole wine-thing, he has always been supportive, kind, and there for me. No. Matter. What.

So, what are we doing for Valentine's day? 


What is more romantic than a good-ole fashioned blind tasting? Seriously. That is what we are doing. For Valentine's Day, our big plans are to go to our favorite wine bar for BLIND-TASTING-HAPPY-HOUR and CHAMPAGNE CAMPAIGN.

Wine nerds? Yes. Yes we are. I laugh at us. But I can't help but be SUPER excited for an evening of good food, wine, and fun with my BFF.

And I know he wants to learn just as much as I do, but yet he is the one always putting me first and letting me continue on my little memory experiment/personal enrichment. He has been so tremendous in helping inspire and encourage me to start this project. So as part of his present, I decided to head out and pick up a special wine for HIM to blind-taste.

Because, you know....

True Love really is blind.

Happy Valentine's Day.


*Update since writing this post yesterday: Heels lost. Ugh. So close in Cameron. They need to work on Free Throws. STAT. And I love that the Husband knows better than to rub such a loss in my face... Now that is love.