"feier"ed up...

This upcoming weekend (February 15 & 16), there is a GREAT event in NYC... I simply cannot wait and had to share (even though I think only about 10 people read this blog). So, for you lucky 10 people, you all now know about:


The only event that you can still attend (bc everything else is sold-out) is the city-wide RieslingCrawl.

See here for the schedule of events!

So, I have been "nerding-out" and reading various books & websites, as well as listening to podcasts. I'll probably post some more throughout the week, but for now, here are some things I've found helpful so far:


TheCrush: EinsZweiDry

  • Whitney & Christina go over the details of their trip to Germany (along with the rest of the Ausfahrt Gang - I'm so jealous). Love the discussion of the "margarita effect": Riesling can have the perfect balance of fruitiness, crisp lively acidity, sweetness, and minerality. 

GuildSomm: Interview with Rudi Wiest

  • Can be a bit intense, but if you have a background in German Wines, you can appreciate some of the more nuanced points.

Source: http://www.germanwineusa.com/


NO EXCUSES! If you are in NYC, get FEIERED UP for