New Series: METAWINE...

It has been a while. I need to make LOTS of updates, not only in terms of adding blind-tasting notes, but also in terms of the "about me" etc.  In the past year or so of this blog, I've come quite a long way... Of course, I am totally realistic, and now I know just how much I DON'T know, which is both overwhelming and exciting at the same time. 

Under this METAWINE umbrella, I hope to detail a lot of thoughts that relate wine to various topics - because wine is really SO much more than what is in your glass. META going back to my philosophy major, simply means "above" or "beyond." Actually, I currently study Metacognition, which is simply thinking about one's own thoughts. (Yeah, I know... Super nerdy/deep.) Bringing it all back to wine, wine is engaging on multiple dimensions, which I hope to further explore and elaborate upon in these posts.

Of course, I still want to update my blind tasting sections, if not for others, then to simply force myself to write out specifics and use my failures and victories as learning tools. I have a few wine exams around the corner, with lots of names, places, history, science, etc. to memorize. Even though it takes time, preparing the blind-tasting posts are incredible learning tools (if I need to teach someone else, I REALLY need to know it). 

All that said, as often as I can, I want to try this new series as well. MetaWine.

I'll just write a (quick?) thought, or post a link to something about wine that inspires me, makes me think, or that simply makes me smile.


Wine is so astounding because while it can be very academic (history, anthropology, psychology, meteorology, chemistry, biology, language, culture, etcetera), ultimately, wine is about sharing, engaging, and enjoying on multiple levels. There is no better way to make a connection with someone than over a glass of wine. Helping others understand what is in their glass is simply one way to foster sharing, conversation, exploration, and makes an evening (or afternoon) that much more enjoyable.

On my tight schedule trying to juggle life, hopefully that will suffice for now. After-all, if I spend too much time blogging, there's not enough time for drinking.