Wine #9

Last of the wines from Corkbuzz... I had some trouble getting the right answer, but I got lucky...


So with this wine... I got a little bit of everything. Every type of fruit: purple (plums), blue (blueberries), black (blackberries, cassis), red (berries)... Medium or Medium+ for acid, tannin, alcohol, etc. I was thinking it felt Old World, since it had that earthy, subtle feel.  And because it had a little bit of everything, my guess was...


Cabernet Sauvignon, blended with other grapes...

Likely Merlot & Petit Verdot

So, what does that mean?

Bordeaux (Left Bank)

As you can conclude since I mentioned in the previous post I was correct on all the red wines from Corkbuzz this particular night, the correct answer is:

Bordeaux (From the 'left bank')

Again, this is a situation where the wine is named by PLACE not by what grapes are in it!

Luckily, I have learned that red wine from BORDEAUX is a blend of up to five*** grapes:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Malbec
  • Petit Verdot
  • Cabernet Franc

***Technically, you can have up to SIX grapes if you include Carmenere, but it is RARELY used in Bordeaux these days... This poor, forgotton grape has found a home in CHILE though, which is a story for another day....

Now, what in the HECK is left bank? And if there is a left bank, WHAT does that mean for the right bank?

Seems confusing, but just in general, Bordeaux is separated by a river (Gironde) into a few different sections, but the two "major" ones are generally known as "left bank" and "right bank." (We can break it down into more fine grained areas, such as the MEDOC, St. EMILLION, etc, but for now, let's stick to the broader overview.)

Wines from the RIGHT BANK of the Gironde are typically MERLOT dominated, which is not going to have the same "in your face" tannins or power...

Wines from Bordeaux from the LEFT BANK of the Gironde are typically dominated by the CABERNET SAUVIGNON grape, which is more powerful and darker flavors.


Both of these wines are blends, but just different proportions of different grapes! 

IT'S SO SIMPLE ("It's in the computer...") - Reference to Zoolander (Sorry, couldn't help myself.

So, since the wine I tasted was not as mellow as I would expect from a wine with mostly Merlot, that is why I thought it would be a left-bank Bordeaux.

Now, I just need to work on how to distinguish between the different sub-appelations... Medoc vs. Graves, etc. (This seems super weird, but the styles will differ! I think - without taking the time to look this up - that Graves is even more powerful than the Medoc... Off to my wine book!)

Stay tuned for updates.

I know you're pumped.