Wine #7

Back at POUR wines...

Clear, light bodied. A lovely red…  On the nose, lots of delicious red berries. This wine is right up my alley.

Ripe cherries, strawberries, raspberries, with something earthy going on…

A little dirty, but it a good way: makes me want to take a sip and see what is going on…

When I swish it around in my mouth, I feel under the sides of my tongue begin to salivate. That is how I think about acidity in wine: if it makes my tongue water, that is the tell-tale sign of acidity.

Next, I concentrate on how dry my mouth feels (tannins). I’d say about medium tannins (dryness is somewhat there, but not making me feel like I just sucked on a cotton ball)…


It is funny that I have to search for each element of the wine in different stages.

First, flavors.

Second, acid.

Third, Tannins.

Fourth (or sometimes, even first), Alcohol.

And I should also think about other things, but it is so hard to keep track when nervous… I can’t even imagine having to do this during an exam or on stage.

Anyway, the last thing I have written down is “spicy.”

So based on the above, what might actually be in my glass? Write down your guess!


My guess: PINOT NOIR

Because of the earthiness, I thought maybe Old world.

1-3 years old.


Pinot Noir



High acid, medium tannin, red fruits, lower body, and a bit of earthiness = Pinot Noir.

Got it. (I think...)

BUT, I was wrong on the place…

This wine is from Marlborough, New Zealand instead of France.


Where did I go wrong? It was so delicate, I was convinced it was old world, but nope. 

This was a New World wine. NOT Old World.

I guess in a way it is a nice surprise…but I want to learn where I went astray! It definitely was not the same type of fruit flavors I tried from the Pinot Noir I had from the Willamete Valley in Oregon.

But still, perhaps it wasn’t as delicate or earthy as a typical Red Burgundy (which can only be Pinot Noir). I just haven't had many Burgundy wines (Red: Pinot Noir, White: Chardonnay). 

Hopefully one day, that will no longer be the case.