Wine #3

Every Monday & Friday from 5-6pm, Corkbuzz Wine Studio has BLIND TASTING HAPPY HOUR.


They give you a sheet with different notes for you to circle, you go through all of it and then, they tell you the correct answer and help show you

  1. where the heck you went wrong.
  2. where you got it correct!

So, I did six in one day (three whites, three reds), but here I'll just talk about the first wine I tried, and over the next few days I'll sprinkle in the rest...


So, I did this tasting the day before I decided to start this blog, so no photo of the actual wine, but apparently most of my notes were pretty accurate... so you'll just have to take my word for it...

The wine was very light yellow in color, and clear. Seemed medium viscosity, swirled around easily & lightly in the glass, but didn't seem to be like water... just a little more thick.

You can see above what I circled for nose, palate, & some scribbling of what my final conclusions were.


I thought it was an Unoaked Chardonnay - from Northern France, CHABLIS. This is actually the northern most part of BURGUNDY, a very famous wine making region.

Chablis, the wines are known for their minerality (tasting like stones, and chalk) and for being highly acidic. Chardonnay tends to have some citrus notes, and tart apples are not uncommon. So, based on what I was sensing, maybe by guess was not too far off?


Grüner Veltiner: 

An acidic white wine from Austria, known for its notes of White Pepper*

Directly from Corkbuzz:

Crisp, white-and-green peppery, with citrus pith, orchard fruit, lentils, caraway and bright acidity. It can be full and rich or light and lean, depending on where it’s grown and the ripeness it was picked at.

*which in my tasting notes, I actually circled spice.... but failed to consider it when I was thinking about what wine I was tasting... One lesson: take ALL notes into consideration! Don't ignore my senses just because it doesn't fit in with what I'm thinking!

Hopefully I'll learn from this mistake for next time!