Wine #1

So, here goes nothing.

First documentation of a blind tasting at Corkbuzz Wine Studio.


Let's Go.

Color: Cloudy, but a bright ruby red. Had pretty distinct legs* after giving the wine a swirl.

Nose: Wow. Strawberries. Dried ones. Yummy. Super ripe. (Right off the bat - I'm thinking new world... a natural wine maker... which is why the wine is cloudy)

Palate: Yup. Strawberries. Maybe a little spice/earth, but not much.

  • Acidity: Medium/high Acid. Medium/high Tannin.
  • Alcohol: Yup. It is there.
  • Tannins: Yup. Drying out my mouth... making my cheeks pucker.

*NOTE: Legs are a way of noting how much alcohol or residual sugar is in a wine. Legs don't mean how "good" a wine is.... It is about Booze! Or Sweetness!


Varietal: Pinot Noir? New World? Age: 1-3 years?

Right off the bat - I'm thinking new world... a natural wine maker... which is why the wine is cloudy, and baked fruit. Though it could be somewhere warm in the old world, Maybe southern Rhone?

First thought when I smelled it was maybe even a Beaujolais, which is normally lots of red fruit...

BUT, it is not as tannic as this... And not as boozy or "hot" feeling...

Okay - the "hotness" is leading me back to New World...

So what is a highly acidic grape that has high tannin and can smell of baked strawberries and some spice?

Pinot noir - New World. America somewhere...

Maybe Washington? Oregon? Cali? I don't know...



Pinot Noir

Place: New World.

Willamette Valley, Oregon.


Vintage: 2011


What a vintage 2011 was. A late start and cool summer created a bit of anxiety, but then a warm and sunny September and October allowed us to achieve tremendous flavor development while retaining acid and having alcohol levels around 12.5%. ...Surprisingly dark in color and intensely concentrated, red and black fruits dominate with earth and dried herbs.

Let's just say it is beginner's luck...